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School and Refund Policy

Before completing the registration form, please read our School Refund policy and Enrollment conditions.

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Refund Policy

The Registration Fee, Homestay Fee and Residence Placement Fee are non-refundable.

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Rejected Visa

Students, who are unable to obtain the appropriate authorization from Canadian Immigration Authorities to enter Canada, are entitled to a refund for 100% tuition fee, but registration fee, accommodation placement fee, a cancellation fee equivalent to one week of accommodation fee, any courier fee, and bank service fee will be deducted and CAN$200 administration fee will be charged. In order to obtain the refund, the student must notify the school in writing and send the original letter of rejection from the Canadian Immigration Authorities.

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Postponement or changes to enrolment

CanPacific reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $100 each time the program or accommodation is postponed or changed after CanPacific has confirmed the initial enrolment 14 days notice is needed to postpone your accommodation or program. After postponement, there will be no refund even if the student cannot begin the class.

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Attendance and Participation

Students must attend at least 80% of their classes to receive CanPacific diploma or certificate. Students who are absent from more than 50% of their classes may be dismissed from the school without refund.

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Refund before classes begin:

• If a student cancels 30 days or more before classes begin, CanPacific will refund 75% of the tuition fees.

• If a student cancels less than 30 days before classes begin, CanPacific will refund 60% of the tuition fees.

Refund after classes begin:

• If a student is completed less than 10% of the class, CanPacific will refund 50% of the tuition fees.

• If a student is completed less than 20% of the class, CanPacific will refund 30% of the tuition fees.

• If a student is completed more than 20% of the class, no refund will be given.

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Payments/ Tuition fees

School must receive full payment of the tuition fees from the students. It is students’ responsibility to pay any service fees involved with their payments to the school.

With any fees as a result of the student’s cancellation and refund before and after class to the student, CanPacific will deduct any bank service fee, any administration fees or any courier service fee involved with students’ payment which can be sent to the student.

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English Only Policy

CanPacific has an English Only policy. Students must speak English at all times and everywhere on campus. If a student fails to comply with this policy, he/she will be expelled from the program without receiving a diploma, certificate or refund.

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Medical Insurance

All CanPacific students are expected to have health insurance. CanPacific will ask students for proof of insurance on their first day of classes. It is highly recommended that students purchase medical insurance before their arrival in Canada. It is the students responsibility to ensure that their medical insurance is kept up-to-date during their stay in Canada. All students must bring their medical insurance on the first day of school in order to start their classes.

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Package or combined program

Any package program as a whole is considered as one program. If cancellation is made before or during any package or any combined programs, the refund will be determined by the starting date of the first program and it must be notified in writing.

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Work Experience

Students must successfully complete their program and obtain a certificate or diploma, in order to have a Work Experience placement. If cancellation is made before or after any classes begin or during any programs, the refund will be determined by the starting date of the first program and it must be notified in writing. Work experience duration is counted as 4 weeks.

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Enrollment Conditions

CanPacific College of Business & English reserves the right to change school programs, program content, program teacher, program schedule, program location, and start dates at any time without prior notice. CanPacific reserves the right to change fees, dates and conditions listed on the college website or in the brochure without prior notice. CanPacific reserves the right to terminate without notice the class of any student who seriously or persistently misconducts himself/herself during his/her stay in Canada. CanPacific will not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage or loss to the personal belongings of a student or for any injury or death of a student, occurring on or off school property.

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Force Majeure

CanPacific is not liable in the event where it is unable to fulfil any service to which it is contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, acts of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons which are outside its control.

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At CanPacific, students who are studying less than 8 weeks may not take a break in their study period, unless the break is approved in advance, at the time of registration. Students who are studying for 8 weeks or longer may request vacation time of 1 to 4 weeks. This must be requested at least 4 weeks before the vacation period.

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Fees are subject to change without notice and will only be confirmed upon invoicing. For current fees please refer to school website.

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Airport Reception

If the student changes the date of arrival or pick up or cancels the airport reception, school must receive a notification in writing at least two (2) days before the scheduled arrival date. If the arrival date changes or the flight delays on the arrival day, the student is responsible to contact the host family and the school (the emergency line) and inform them the changes. Failure to do so may result in not pick-up and as well as the loss of the airport reception fee.

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Any information provided to CanPacific may be held on computer and shall be used in accordance with its data protection registration and the national data protection laws applicable.

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Refund date

All refunds in CanPacific will be paid within Forty (40) business days after receiving a written notification of withdrawal. If the fees to be refunded were received from the agent or the student, or the students parents or legal guardians, the school will agree with them if the refund is given to them or directly to the person and then the school will decide who the recipient will be.

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Photography, Filming, and Promotional Activity

The student agrees that his/her photographs, videos, artwork or other works, as well as recorded or written testimonial and details of the students achievements may be used by CanPacific for promotional purposes including in its printed and online marketing materials and on any social media net work without further consent or notification. Also the student gives consent to CanPacific transferring copies of the student images and testimonials for such purposes. If the student does not wish to participate, CanPacific will respect his/her wishes but it is the student’s responsibility to absent itself from the photograph/video.

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Student Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure

Step 1: First try to resolve the issue directly with your Teacher or counsellor. If this does not resolve the matter, the complainant contacts the Director in writing.

Step 2: The complainant files a written grievance to the director and the director will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint in writing within two (2) business days.

Step 3: The director will interview all parties involved to clarify the issues and obtain as much information as possible. And director will set up an appointment to discuss the matter within five (5) business days.

Step 4: The director will inform to the complainant and the respondent of the committee in writing within two business days.

Step 5: If the matter still has not been solved, the problem is referred to the Languages Canada.

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Dismissal Policy

No refund will be made if the student dismissed permanently from the school for the following reasons:

If the student breaks more than three (3) times schools English only policy within the school without permission from a member of the Staff.

If the student absents for a period longer than three (3) days without notifying the school and provision of a doctors note.

If the student physically abuses the school campus property.

If the student misrepresents of oneself or of an organization to be an agent of CanPacific.

If the student disrupts of, on or off-campus property.

If the student alters or misuses the schools documents, records or identification, or knowingly furnishing false information to CanPacific.

If the student steals or does non-accidental damages to CanPacific’s property.

If the student sells or knowingly possesses dangerous drugs, restricted dangerous drugs or narcotics on campus property.

If the student shows improper behaviour in the Home stay house arranged by CanPacific.

If the student engages in lewd, indecent or obscene behaviour on campus property.

If the student violates Canadian laws outside the school that involve Immigration authorities or the police.

If the student solicits or assists another person to commit any act which would subject a student to expulsion.

If the student shows any kind of abusive behavior or inappropriate (verbal, physical and sexual) towards a member of the schools staff.

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In the event a student displays clear signs of a communicable illness (i.e. Measles, H1N1, etc.) or an easily transferable condition (i.e. bedbugs, lice, etc.), this school reserves the right to advise the individual on the best course of action, suggest a nearby clinic or hospital, and, if deemed necessary, ask the student to leave the premises until such time as the ailment has been resolved or managed. The student may recover lost classes provided they supply a certified doctor’s note.

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Activity waiver

Exclusion of Liability - Assumption of Risk:

As a condition of involvement in all activities at CanPacific College of Business & English Inc., I understand and assume all risk of personal injury, death, or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to the inherent risks of these activities, use of equipment, collision with man-made or natural objects or other students, travel within or beyond designated boundaries, or negligence, breach of contract, or breach of statutory duty of care on part of CanPacific College of Business & English Inc., and its employees, directors, and agents. I agree that CanPacific College of Business & English Inc., and its employees, directors, and agents shall not be liable for any such personal injury, death, or property loss and release CanPacific College of Business & English Inc., and its employees, directors, and agents and waive all claims and respects thereto. This includes all transport to and from these activities arranged by CanPacific College of Business & English Inc., and its employees, directors, and agents.

This means that you are fully responsible for anything that happens to you during activities organized by CanPacific College of Business & English Inc., You do not have to do any activity you do not want to. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage.

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If a student cancels 30 days or more before moving into homestay/residence, CanPacific will refund 100% of accommodation fees.

If a student cancels less than 30 days before moving into homestay/residence, CanPacific will deduct one month accommodation fees.

I agree that I do waive and release all claims against CanPacific for any damages, injury, loss, accident, death, delay, and expenses resulting from my participation in the program, I release and agree to indemnify CanPacific with regard to any financial obligations or liabilities that I may personally incur or any damage or injury to the person or property of others that I may cause while participating in the program. I also understand that CanPacific is not responsible for any injury or loss suffered or caused by me while away from the school for any reason. I agree if I become ill, injured or incapacitated, CanPacific, the host family, or the local coordinator may take such actions as any of them considers necessary, including medical treatment for me and transporting me back to my country, at my own expense.

I understand that my participation at CanPacific and in the accommodation program may be terminated at the sole discretion of CanPacific without a refund of fees and that I may be sent home at my expense if I do not adhere to these rules, standards and instructions.

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CIC Consent

Students acknowledge and give consent to CanPacific to share information about their enrolment to the (CIC) Canadian Immigration of Citizenship for the purpose of the ISP (International Student Programs) as required by relevant regulatory bodies. CanPacific will not retain or withhold a student's passport or visa.

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