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2013 & 2014 & 2016

Other Services

At CanPacific College, in addition to offering high quality language instruction programs, we also provide some additional services to our students in order to make them feel comfortable during their stay in Canada.

We offer the following services:

Academic Counseling Service
At CanPacific College, we have a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff to assist you with your school programs and academic goals; or with your plan to continue to study in a Canadian post-secondary institution, community college, university or graduate school.
Visa Extension or Renewal Service
If you require a student visa, take your valid passport with proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Canada and a Letter of Acceptance from CanPacific College to the nearest Canadian embassy or Consulate General in your country.
The embassy will issue you a student authorization or give you an official letter to show to Canadian Immigration that you meet the requirements for admission to Canada as a Temporary resident when you arrive at the airport.
Our experienced and friendly counselor assists our students with visa applications, study permits and renewals or extensions
Other useful links are:
Study Permit:
Citizenship and Immigration of Canada:
Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff assists you with your resumes and cover letter writing.
Official Exam Registration
Our counselor helps you with the arrangements for the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS or CAP exam registrations.
Dental and Medical Insurance Service
All CanPacific College students are expected to have health insurance. CanPacific College will ask students for proof of insurance on their first day of school. It is highly recommended that students purchase medical insurance before their arrival in Canada. It is the student responsibility to ensure that their medical insurance is kept up-to-date during their stay in Canada.
If you do not have medical insurance, please speak to your councillors. Students who are not residents of Canada are not covered under a Provincial healthcare program.
CanPacific College students may purchase their medical insurance through school from guard me international insurance at:

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Students Help Desk

This service is available for those students who have personal concerns or issues. Our friendly and experienced staff will provide you with personal counselling service.